The Online Home of Jordan F. MacVay

My Beliefs

I believe there is but one God.

I believe Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a messenger of God.

I believe I should live according to a set of rules through which I can achieve and maintain balance.

I believe I should love God, my family, my friends, my community, and myself.

I believe I should learn as much as possible about this world, for much of its knowledge can benefit me.

I believe I should lead the way when I think what I know could benefit others.

I believe I should listen to what others are saying, for it could benefit both me and them.

I believe I should look before I leap. A healthy sense of caution can help keep me safe from the dangers and trickery of this world.

I believe I should leap wholeheartedly into everything I do. Work play, whatever—if something isn’t worth doing 100%, it isn’t worth doing at all.

I believe I should lift myself up when I fall and try to do the same for others.

I believe I should laugh often, for laughter can sometimes make the bad times good and always makes the good times better.

I believe I should leave a positive legacy. This means leaving behind something positive when I leave each day to move on to the next; it also means leaving behind something positive when I leave this world to move on to wherever I’m going. We’re all going to leave. What’s important is what we leave behind.

I believe a lot of things. More to come.