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My Writing

This page is meant to be a jump-off point to my writing, published or otherwise. That might sound odd, since everything I write in my blog is, in fact, writing. I guess what I mean by writing is fiction, poetry, and noteworthy articles/essays/rants/whatever that have appeared either in this blog or elsewhere.

I once read that the first and most important step in realising one’s dream of becoming a writer is to simply declare that one is indeed a writer. I’m unpublished, inexperienced, and you could say uneducated. But I enjoy writing, and so I write. So I am a writer. So there.

Or am I? I recently read at another blog that-according to one writer, anyway-you’re not really a writer until/unless someone actually says you’re a writer. Now I guess this does sound more reasonable. I mean sure, anyone can jump up and yell out, “I am a writer!” But how many of those people could actually write their way out of that proverbial wet paper bag?

So while I do love to write, and while I do think I can sometimes write quite well, the question remains:

Am I a writer?

I’ve written fiction. One short story, actually. It’s been reworked and tweaked several times and is, I guess, still in progress. I’m not sure who’s actually read it-hardly anyone has ever commented on it-but I have specifically asked two people to read it and let me know what they thought. One still hasn’t read it after almost a year of pestering; the other read it right away and simply said it was “OK” and suggested I keep working on it.

I’ve written poetry. I’ve shared some of that too, but to be honest I don’t care whether or not people like it. Poetry is really very personal, subjective stuff. I like it, so it’s good. I don’t think anyone will be studying it in English class when I’m dead and gone, but who cares? Anyway, if you’d like to see some of my poetry, let me know. I’ve got most of it on a page here at my blog.

I’ve written other stuff. Here at my blog, and maybe a little bit elsewhere. Not sure which articles to highlight here though.

Eventually I’ll make this a page that showcases my short fiction, my poetry, articles I’ve written elsewhere, and noteworthy articles that have appeared in my blog. For now…